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Beer Pong King Free v1.0.0 released

posted Sep 25, 2010, 10:19 PM by Mobile Hangover   [ updated Sep 25, 2010, 10:26 PM ]
We have finally released the new version. Whats new?

- Brand new online leaderboard to show scores from around the world. When you get a high score you can optionally submit it to the online leaderboard. You can then check to how well you did compared to everyone around the world. Can you top the charts?

- Brand new game mode called Hot Streak. Cups randomly pop up and you keep shooting until you miss. How many can you make in your hot streak?

- Brand new menus, including a new game settings menu, new high score input menu, new pop-up to change cup colors, and a few others.

- Game improvements to help control your shot plus better directions with pictures!

- I probably forgot a few things, but you get the idea.

Go grab your copy on Android market and start your pursuit of Beer Pong King world domination. Beer Pong King Pro without ads will be released within the next day!