Beer Pong King

Beer Pong King allows you to aim your shot by sliding the ping pong ball left or right. Once you have aimed, you can either use the phones accelerometer and your physical shot motion to record your shot strength or use an on-screen finger "fling" to shoot the ball. Refine your aim and shot strength in practice mode or go for the gold in the high score challenge!

The following updates and more coming soon!

 - Ability to bounce the ball into cups
- Multiplayer (very soon!)

How the phone records your shot


We value your questions and feedback. If you have a problem or would like to see something added to make the game better, please Contact Us.

Change log:

 0.98.5    - Now supports newest Froyo update 

- Fixed force close issues
- Improved game performance
- Shrunk the game size by 1mb

- Switched advertising partners for the free version.

- Added on-screen throwing that recognizes finger "flings" to throw the ball.

- Added the ability to re-rack your cups while playing.
- Created a new menu system to make changing controls, rules, themes, and misc settings easier.
- Fixed some bugs that caused force

- Added 8 new cup colors including green, blue, grey, black, orange, yellow, purple and pink along with red.
- Added some aiming help in the Amateur difficulty level.
- Changed some misc graphics.

 0.94- Improved game instructions. 

 0.93- Changed how the game records your throwing motion. 

- Changed the ball animations to bee more realistic.
- Changed graphics to better support all phones.
- Released a free version supported by advertisements.

New Pro difficulty level that should challenge even the best beer pong players.
- New digital scoreboard that displays more information.
- New vibrations that tell you when your shot is being recorded (start and stop).
- The ability to save your name with a high score. High scores are now saved and displayed on the main screen.
- New option menu when you finish a game that allows you to restart or exit to the main screen
- Game settings which allow you to set a default difficulty level, clear all high scores, and chose 
vibration settings.

 0.85- Added new Amateur difficulty level 

 0.80- Initial release